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If you need them, we have them...KN95 MASKS

Portable Protective Barrier: Easy to wear, no need to adjust it when you wearing. The soft elastic ear loop design helps to relieve pressure on the ears and can improve comfortability.


The tested filtration efficiency is greater than 95 percent: The filtering efficiency of this KN95 mask is over 95 percent, which can protect you in critical times.


Inserted Nose Clip: Anti-Fall Design: The metal nose clip is fixed inside the mask, so you do not need to worry that the inserted nose clip will fall off.


Besides, the flexible metal nose clip makes it easier to fit the face more or less tightly.


Convenient and Practical: A lightweight and foldable design make these face masks easy to fold into your bag, easy to incorporate, and save space.


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8 Mask for $10

Black KN95 MASK--8 for $10