1. Moringa oil strengthens your hair

That’s right. Not only does moringa oil make your hair look shinier, but it actually makes it stronger too. The rich nutrients in moringa oil such as zinc (which is essential for maintaining healthy hair) help boost keratin production to strengthen hair and prevent breakage.


2. Moisturizes scalpMoringa oil is renowned for its ability to deliver moisture straight to the scalp, which helps to prevent dryness and deeply nourish hair from the source.


3. Fights split ends

The benefits and healing properties of moringa oil make it ideal for hair care and battling split ends. Have you been using heat on your hair for three days straight? Have no fear, Ghost Oil is here to help heal all those damaged ends. Our Ghost Oil revitalizes hair from roots to ends by enriching the shaft with essential nutrients that naturally smooth frizz and promote radiant shine!


4. Promotes hair growth

Moringa oil has built a strong reputation for promoting natural hair growth due to the high content of key nutrients such as vitamins A/B/E and zinc.  Zinc is especially important because it promotes keratin production, and keratin makes up 90% of every hair on your head. 

Moringa Hair Serum

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