Here is our newest produce--Moringa Salve. This is an incredible product that you can use on your hands, feet, elbow, scrapes, cuts, and any other dry or affected area. Use it for eczema, psoriasis, acne, bumps, or any type of skin irritations or rashes. It has a soothing, healing, and calming effect. You will love this salve for its therapeutic value. 


Also, our Moringa oil which is the #1 oil for eczema, psoriasis, and all type of skin irritations. When you have this combination kit it's all that you will need to see amazing results for your skin problems.


Lastly, in this Skin Rash Salve Kit is the amazing Moringa / Coconut Soap. The Moringa Soap is the best soap on the planet, you will never go back to regular soap again. Naturally Me Moringa Soap is handcrafted from all-natural ingredients which combine to moisturize and stimulate with a rich lather while cleansing the skin and refreshing the body. Get this complete kit and say good-bye to your skin problems!

Skin Rash Salve Kit

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